Music Publishing and Song Monetisation

In partnership with Sony Music Publishing, Palm Wine Music provides an awesome range of publishing, administration and song monetisation services so that your income streams are maximised and your royalties are collected quickly and accurately.


Copyright Monetisation
Bespoke Production Music

Best of Both Worlds

Quicker access to more royalties comes from having the best of both worlds:

The boutique nature and creative entrepreneurship of Palm Wine Music, backed by the powerhouse that is Sony Music Publishing, the world’s No. 1 music publishing company, with a network of 38 offices across the globe.

So in addition to accessing a full range of industry leading services such as synchronization and administration, our songwriters and composers can tap into our creative A&R and entrepreneurial skills to increase worldwide opportunities for your career and songs.

And when it comes to reporting and accounting your earnings to you…we’ve got you covered!

Your personal royalty portal ( a state-of-the-art, global centralized database and highly accurate, transparent data from more than 70,000 income sources globally and unrivalled royalty analysis) will provide you with the most comprehensive data yet about your royalty earnings, including a quick top-view snapshot of their royalties that allows you to narrow down information to a detailed level, including by song title, income source, time period and territory.

And it gets better!

A “Cash Out” service, enables songwriters to request some or all their current royalty balance to be paid immediately, instead of having to wait until the next distribution.